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Abuse in Public the New Norm

It has always bothered me when I see people treated lesser than just because of the work they do.  There are many invaluable services performed by people that are abused simply because of the job they hold.  Yet where would we be as a society if no one cleaned toilets?  I am deeply grateful for the janitors and cleaning staff […]

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When My Ego Doesn’t Serve

  Self importance, bossy, pushy, arrogant, cocky, puffing up chest, boasting, self righteous, know it all, has to be #1, rub it in your face, poor winner, my kid is better than your kid, my dad can beat up your dad, being aggressive or unkind are all signs of the dark side of Ego.  Most of us are guilty of […]

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Divine Intervention

  As a nurse I had many wonderfully unexplainable things happen over the course of 25 years in my career.  One of the most memorable that still comes back to my mind in the quiet of the night is about an elderly gentleman we were observing. At the time, I worked on a busy and intense vascular unit.  The nurses […]

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Communication is everything

Improve your Email Communication with these Easy Steps Try going one day without communicating while living your normal day.  Our entire life revolves around communication in some way.  90% of our communication is unspoken in the form of body language.  However, in these modern times we tend to communicate mostly through technology. Often we aren’t in the same room with the […]

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Awareness and Your Health

When I was a Nurse I found it interesting how many people are completely unaware of their body until it breaks down.  Then they are only aware of the problem and have no clue what lead to the problem. Often when we have health issues we think running to the Doctor will help us.  Sometimes the Doctor can help find […]

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Social Graces in the Toilet

While both hands pull down on my cheeks my throat lets out a long exasperated whine initially high pitched converting to a low moan as the word “why” escapes my lips with an accent on the end so it sounds more like why-ya.  This is how I am when I let the lowest of human behavior really get to me.  […]

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