Meditate On This

Raising our vibration

Meditate On This is my way of shining my light into the world.

I hope you will feel encouraged to shine yours too.

Let’s make this world a better place together.

One way to higher consciousness is by raising our vibration through meditation. By focusing our attention on Love, Gratitude, and the highest vibrations, we affect change for the best of all sentient beings and our planet.

Today while in meditation, with non-judgement, let’s focus on sending love and very high vibrations to corporations that pollute. Decisions made while in the presence of higher vibrations are decisions made for the betterment of all sentient beings and the planet. Change is inevitable when many focus on the same thing.

Good Grief

We heal best through being vulnerable, through our connections and over time. Sometimes a very long time.


She now knew her true self She danced with a sigh of joy Twirling her gown around

The Buck Stops Here

Generational abuse can seemingly have no beginning and will definitely have no end if we aren’t aware and make efforts to change.

Social Media Fatique

Social Media opens us up to all sorts of unwanted distraction. Over time people are becoming SM drained.


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