Social Media Fatique

Recently I sent a message to an acquaintance an invitation to try a product I absolutely love.  My acquaintance didn’t respond even though they saw the message.  This bothered me a lot.  I hate that these things bother me.  I wish I could be like a duck in these situations.  Maybe it’s because I’m too nice and think about how others feel in this situation and make sure I reply back.

Social Media opens us up to all sorts of unwanted distraction.  I have noticed over time people are becoming SM drained.  Too much information and demands for our time flooding our devices.  Every company and organization wants our email and other contact information, while people become more protective of this information, all for good reasons.

Working drones

Social Media Overload

With the advent of this technology we’ve had to blunder our way through, developing etiquette and boundaries as we go along.  Here’s a few guidelines I’ve developed over the years to help me survive the influx of messages;

  • Answer your messages if you know the person at all. A quick thank you or I have other commitments and I wish you well with your pursuits.  It takes 10 seconds.
  • When someone has taken the time to apply for a position in your company, or has submitted something for your consideration, it shows great character to respond to the successful candidate and even greater character to the unsuccessful candidates.
  • If it’s a company/organization and you find you really aren’t interested in their product/service, remove yourself from their list.
  • Be kind.

It’s just plain good manners.

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