The Receiving End

How are you at receiving? In our modern world we have come to value receiving only after we have given, usually in the form of money. Because we have a habit of thinking we deserve to receive only after we have given we close off the major artery of flow in our lives. What if we changed our perspective slightly to be able to receive easily without feeling like we have to give first?
Recently my car was totaled. Written off after an accident caused by poor road conditions. The horrified man couldn’t stop his vehicle before it slid into mine pushing my car through ice and snow over the edge of the road.  My car glanced off a light post, plowed through a thick wooden park fence and slid down a hill landing on a bank of rocks beyond which lay a frozen pond at the bottom of a steep bowl. It had to be terrifying for onlookers as it was for me holding on for the unexpected ride and unknown destination.
Now I’m out a vehicle and faced with the arduous task of finding a replacement on very limited funds. It would be so much easier if I could bob my pony-tailed (not blonde) head like in “I dream of Jeannie” and have a bright and shiny new SUV pop into my reality. This brought the question of “how am I at receiving”? Upon which I felt a small push away sensation in my belly. I imagine many of us are similar. Is it because we are concerned with how others will perceive us? Will I be seen as greedy, needy, undeserving, or lazy?
We have been told over and over what others think is none of our business. This is true. In fact we are all Sentient beings. We deserve simply because we exist. In reality I don’t have to DO anything to deserve what I need or desire. We have been brain-washed since birth to think otherwise. If we are open to both giving and receiving we create a universe full of abundance through flow and openness.
Here’s what I’m working on;
1) Feel grateful for what I have.
2) Be clear with what I want.
3) Acknowledge that I give all the time in many ways. I give my time, energy, love, and money almost constantly. Think about it.
4) Pay attention to how I feel inside when I receive. If I’m not completely open – do a course correction.
5) Be present so as to catch the opportunities that float by.
6) In the face of opposition remain open and centered in my heart.
7) Gratitude! Can’t be over emphasized.
In shifting my perspective a bit I am open to a whole new set of possibilities. I expect a happy ending to this story.
If you have other tips to add I would love to hear from you in the comments. If you found my thoughts to be of value please share this article. I’m Shannon McFadden – Global Grandma.


With a bit of time and patience things fell into place.  Below, my new vehicle.  I am so grateful!  I pick it up tomorrow.

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