Wake up 99

As I watch the complete destruction of the planet unfold before my eyes, it’s like watching a murder suicide.  Governments and corporations all over the world refuse to give up their strangle-hold on their money machines.  They’re in collusion with one another.  They are going to destroy the planet completely and irrevocably to satisfy their own hunger for power and money.
Meanwhile the gap between the 1% and the rest of us grows.  People are being squeezed from every angle.  Food is expensive and becoming less nutritious and more toxic.  Owning a home is out of reach for most young people now.  Education is beyond the grasp financially of many without creating a near life time burden of debt.  Our personal freedoms are squeezed to the point where travel is too much of a hassle and too stressful to be bothered.  There is a constant battle between freedom of speech and the right to communicate.
We have been well trained. Indoctrinated even, into believing the way we do life is work 40-60 hours a week for most of our life.  If we do things right we can play when we retire.  The problem with this is it cost more to live in most cases than dollars we make.  So we work more, play less, put every available body in the home out to work when possible, and put our hopes and dreams on hold.  FOREVER.
Because we bought into the dream, not my dream, not your dream, we can no longer survive on one income, or two.  We are mostly heavily in debt just to keep up.  Meanwhile we are completely drained, stressed and depressed.  And don’t have a clue what to do about it.

Power in numbers

Power in numbers

The real power is in the 99%.  We have forgotten that.  We can decide to unplug, undo, rewind, and rethink what we really want and deserve.  As the 99% we can send a clear message to the 1% we aren’t buying every little thing just because of slick marketing.  We aren’t going to eat the fake food filled with poisons.  We are going to take better care of our bodies so we don’t need the pharmaceuticals, and when we do we will go natural, organic, non GMO first.
Ideally I would like to see a worldwide restructuring of our Governments and the responsibility they and corporations have to the people – first.  If CEO’s and politicians were found guilty of murder and attempted murder for consciously allowing companies to harm people and the environment, then all would think twice about their profit first model.
Will the masses ever awaken and realize the power is within us and demand change, or are we going to go quietly to the gas chambers?  Meanwhile the door to freedom is left unattended and wide open.  What will you choose?

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