A Thank You Note to My Adversaries

I am grateful for the lessons you have given me. You have shown me where I need to grow. You helped me define how I truly wish to be treated. Because of you I am clear on what I want and don’t want in my life. In this pinball game I am the steel ball and you are the bumpers. Each time I bump into you, my adversary, I gain points. I have racked up a lot of points. The paddles are my loved ones that have kept me in the game. And I am winning this game.
You, my adversary have taught me the value of love for myself. For the more I love myself, the less you matter to me. When I was younger you were a scary mountain I didn’t know how to navigate. Because of your lessons I see you are merely a pot hole in my road. Because of you I have made better choices for myself. With love overflowing from my heart I see how I want or don’t want to behave and how I want or don’t want to treat others and myself, no matter how I am feeling. And it’s all your fault.
I have moved beyond forgiveness to eternal gratitude for your push. Every harsh word, judgement or action from you has led me to truly appreciate me. Because of you I love more. I AM more – of what I wanted to be and so, adversaries, in deep gratitude, thank you, I release you.

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