Sweatpea and Lipstick

“Grandma’s going to work now Sweatpea.”

“It’s whipsick time Grandma, can I have some whipsick pwease?”

“Yes you may have some lipstick Sweatpea, here you go.
Careful not to get it on the stairs, wall, floor or chairs.” I remind my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter as she walks away from me and sits down on the stairs for her ritual before I go to work.

Sweatpea takes the lipstick from my hand, opens the tube, twisted the dusty pink form until half the tube is exposed and proceeds to brush the lipstick back and forth across her puckered lips like she’s painting. The brush strokes become wider as she includes her cheeks, then up and down to include her nose, all the way up to her forehead.

Then with her lips pressed tight she mumbles “I want to look in the mirror.” In her mind if she opens her mouth the masterpiece will be ruined.

“You are beautiful, with or without the lipstick. You don’t need lipstick to be pretty, and what a good job you have done.”  I tell her, always.

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