“I am better than you”

I’m sure everyone in life has experienced the one that comes across as better than, the one that looks down on everyone.  These attitudes are first noticed in school.  Cliques of the popular kids and the athletes or jocks being some of the first groups we encounter with an attitude of superiority.

The trend continues in the work place where professionals are often viewed as better than blue-collar workers.  Higher education is much more valued than experience and war is created and fueled under political and religious posturing that one side is better than the other.  The New Age movement isn’t immune to superior attitudes.  I have heard many people claim they are very advanced souls.

When the world experiences a famous person like Princess Diana with her grace and beauty, she is quickly loved by most that knew her and greatly missed when she died.  She was dearly loved not because of her station in life or her beauty but because she showed kindness and compassion to everyone.

I believe that we are all doing our best.  We are all growing at our own pace.  I think when we are in Spirit, there are many dimensions with much to learn and experience.  If we are all one – equal, then you cannot be superior to yourself.  It is my belief we are all here to learn about the human experience.  We must allow others and ourselves the experiences of the journey.

When I am impatient and critical with others it’s helpful to remember kindness to me first and realize I too am learning.  I am healing my wounds from lifetimes, and it takes time.  As I am kind to myself it’s so much easier for me to show kindness to others.  As I give myself the space and allow myself to make mistakes, I can more easily forgive myself, learn from the incident and do the same for others.

With awareness and practice all of us become more of who we are in spirit.  The loving and compassionate souls we truly are.

Being kind and loving is who we really are.

Being kind and loving is who we really are.



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