You reject, I reject, let’s all reject together

Remember when we were younger and someone gave us a gift it was polite to at least thank the person for the gift?  Now it seems more and more people forgo thank you.  If I go to the effort to make something, or choose a gift for someone I love, at least I hope the person will acknowledge the effort and send a simple thank you.  It gives me joy to know the person received the gift, and appreciates the gesture.

It is easier now than it ever has been to send off a thank you note.  In the old days we had to find the paper or card, write on it, find the envelope, find the address, write the address, find a stamp, lick it, put it on the envelope and walk to the mail box and put it in the mail box.  There have been many gifts or gestures of love over the years that have gone unmentioned.  It’s to the point now that I feel reluctant to put in the effort.  I don’t think I will ever really understand people.   Why is it we whine about people being closed and denying us warmth and friendship, then when they reach out to us we ignore or reject their warmth or friendship.

Poor communication, whether personal or for business is the number one reason why relationships are destroyed.  Often I will send an email and receive an incomplete response at best.  The worst is if I ask more than one question, then it seems to baffle the recipient.  I think they must be thinking “Oh my God, there’s more than one question, what do I do?  Maybe I’ll quickly answer one question, that should satisfy her.”  In fact most people skim their mail, rarely taking the time to really connect.

Recently I sent an email with a concern to my local city counsel member.  His office assistant kindly sent me a reply that had nothing to do with my concern.  Is it because we are too busy and overwhelmed with our daily lives that we just can’t read the content properly and send a quick but precise note back?  Or is it we have become so disconnected through technology that we think it’s o.k. to be sloppy in our response or not respond at all?  I find myself resisting the urge join the trend with my own communications simply out of frustration of the growing disconnect around me.   In business or with personal relationships the quality of the relationship equals the quality of communication.  If we want better, we must do better.

The quality of communication isn't determined by the method, rather the person's effort.

The quality of communication isn’t determined by the method but by the person’s effort.


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