Solar Energy?

Recently I saw a facebook post about the Solar Project in California, the IVANPAH.  This project cost $160 million and will give 140,000 homes with power.  At first I thought that’s a lot of money for a project taking up a lot of land in the desert.  Why not just give 140,000 homes their own solar panels, thus giving the home owners some freedom from eternally paying energy bills.  Then I did the math.  The IVANPAH project cost about $1,463.00 per home.  The current average cost of installing a solar system on a house is about $35,000.  Some articles I read said the cost of Solar energy has come down by about 65% in recent years.  Personally I don’t think the numbers have changed that much.  15 years ago I heard the price was about $35,000.  So the price in my mind has stayed the same.  In my world the price would be such that most people could afford it freeing ourselves from the infinite life of paying for energy.

Some people are strong advocates for Nuclear energy.  No matter how cheap this form of energy is, it still isn’t free, and can result in deadly consequences.  I disagree with using an energy form when we haven’t figured out how to transform all the bits back into nature safely.  While solar panels give us a choice for greatly reducing our energy footprint, the making of the panels are potentially very toxic and dangerous to the people at the manufacturing site.  I still think Solar energy is one of the best forms of energy we have yet.  Until someone comes up with something better.  Come back Mr. Tesla.  I think we are ready for you now.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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