Warning: Rant

Listen, just listen!

Listen, just listen!

If you choose to go grocery shopping on a Friday,  Saturday or Sunday – don’t complain when you get to the door and there are no shopping carts.  Smart people bring one with them on the way in.  Don’t leave your garbage in the parking lot or in the carts or anywhere else.  There are garbage cans everywhere – LOOK.  if you knock something over or make a mess, clean it up.  If you need to use the bathroom,  do your business IN the toilet not ON the toilet.  Someone has to clean up after you.  Teach your children these things too.  And if your child is having a meltdown, leave with your child now, not when you are done.  How would you like to be held prisoner in a store when you are publicly emotional?  Be respectful.   Be kind.  Be grateful.   Be
civilized.  People aren’t your underlings.


  1. Awesome Rant!. I would like to add. Consider the effect of the tantrum on the other children in the family. Public tantrums where the parents do not take control of the situation can leave marks of anxiety on the observing child. The observing child is not creating the situation, but are trapped in the middle of the spectacle. The embarrassment and shame they experience trying to hide from the attention, can become ingrained in their young minds and follow them for the rest of their lives. Crippling them from ever enjoying social outings or even the mundane outings of going to the grocery store. Something out of their control may happen and the embarrassment and shame is relived over and over again. People who have had these experiences, may suffer chronic mental illnesses and be unable to function or even leave their homes. Please parents. take control of the situation. You are the parent not the child. Take them out of the situation – sorry it is inconvenient for you, but look after your family – now, and in the future. children need to know they are safe at all times. Safe also means from mental and emotional injuries as well as physical.


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