Fukushima; the final assault on Earth?

Nuclear meltdown contaminating water supply

Nuclear meltdown contaminating water supply

Is the Earth quietly gasping her last breath as we ignore all the signs of her demise?  For several centuries we have polluted our air, water and land.  We have been warned for at least half a century about the eventual total destruction we would cause if we didn’t stop.  Japan’s nuclear meltdown crisis could be the tipping point doomsday prophets have predicted.
Few understand exactly what is happening or going to happen at this nuclear site.  There has never been anything exactly like it to draw experience from.  There are no theories or scientific plans to put in place to stop the extreme radiation leak that has continued to plague the area since the tsunami 3 years ago.
Why do you think we haven’t heard much about this problem?  This could cause the death of our entire planet and it doesn’t rate the top spot on CNN or Fox.  Is it a low priority or is it such a big story with no solution they don’t want to cause worldwide panic.
Let’s not go into fear though.  Fear is a self-destructive energy where solutions won’t be generated. There must be at least one person that was born to save the planet.  If we live in awareness and hope, we can send positive energy out to empower the great scientific minds of our time to come up with a solution quickly.
There isn’t time to debate whether thoughts, prayers, energy, love, light, hokey pokey or whatever you want to call it, work or not.  We are at a critical time on this planet.  We can either put our scientist cap on, or if we aren’t the scientist we can suspend all beliefs for a moment and think about the power of millions.  Send positive loving energy to Fukushima thinking thoughts of solutions and hope for our planet, visualizing a positive end to this horrible problem.  Now is the time act.

People standing together to save the Planet

People standing together to save the Planet


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