Yes! I’m a recovering Anxiety Addict

The Four A’s that Alleviate my Anxiety

I come by my anxiety honestly.  My mom had anxiety, as did my sister, and now my son and daughter.  Is it genetic or learned?  I don’t really care.  What I care about is identifying it and learning how to diminish its hold on me and those I love.

Everyone can experience anxiety

Everyone can experience anxiety

I’m not one to run to the doctor to have them cure me.  Instead I prefer a natural approach to what ails me.  I believe I know my body best, what works and what doesn’t.  Medications are necessary in some circumstances and I have resorted to using them occasionally.

Below are 4 stages I use to restore peace within my body:

Awareness – The first step to healing is awareness.  You have to be aware there is a problem or imbalance before it can be healed.  I didn’t know I had anxiety until my best friend and I were talking about her mental health journey.  Her symptoms were the same as what I had felt most of my life.  These symptoms vary a bit person to person.

Action – Find out what works and doesn’t work for you.  Educate yourself.  There are options for those of us coping with anxiety.  Medication works best for intense or acute anxiety, (you aren’t coping and need help now) and is the quickest way to alleviate but not eliminate the symptoms.  Therapy, by itself or with medication works best if you truly want to learn how to diminish the anxiety.  Depending on what caused the anxiety, there are a number of natural methods you can use like hypnosis and meditation.

It takes many ways to alleviate anxiety

It takes many ways to alleviate anxiety

Adjust– By paying attention to what increased my anxiety, I was then able to either eliminate these situations from my life or adjust my perception.  My daughter noticed people with anxiety care too much.  We worry about what other people think.  We have high integrity and morals.  We tend to be perfectionists and idealists.  What I do when I notice my anxiety creeping back up is to bring my awareness to just me, gently blocking the outside world until I feel centered again.  I pretend I’m in a protective bubble.

Allow – Be with it.  We have become so busy and are influenced by so much there is little time for our brain to just be.  We are organic not machines.  We need real down time in order to recharge and function in a balanced way.  I make sure I take time out every day and sometimes many times a day to rebalance.  If I notice that I am feeling anxious I don’t fight it, or push it down anymore.  I simply allow the feelings, take note of it and adjust my behavior, environment, or perception, or all three.

Working through the causes and effects of anxiety in your life take time and determination, but if you want long lasting relief the work is worth it.

Please share what methods have worked for you in your life?

I recommend the article ‘Let It Be: Using Mindfulness to Overcome Anxiety and Depression’ by Lucy Roleff.

To remain in balance takes tiny adjustments moment to moment

To remain in balance takes tiny adjustments moment to moment


  1. You completely related to my post and now I relate to yours although I am thinking my anxiety might not be the same as yours. Glad to know with a hundred percent certainty that I am not the only one that has some type of anxiety.


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