Abuse in Public the New Norm

It has always bothered me when I see people treated lesser than just because of the work they do.  There are many invaluable services performed by people that are abused simply because of the job they hold.  Yet where would we be as a society if no one cleaned toilets?  I am deeply grateful for the janitors and cleaning staff everywhere.  As I am deeply grateful for the clerks in shops everywhere.  This sector of our society probably receives the most abuse.

I’m sure we have all witnessed a cashier, clerk, server, or anyone else in a position of service being bullied.  It’s rare when someone comes to his or her defense.  Usually the angry individual takes their frustrations out on someone who has no authority to change what ills the situation.  The worst line to ever come out in advertising is “The customer is always right.”  Wrong!  This has given people permission to be openly abusive.  The abuse has grown like a cancer to other areas of our lives.  Office clerks, customer service personnel, Police, Doctors, Nurses, and more are openly verbally attacked because someone isn’t getting what they want.

Our lives are filled up with errands and duties that need to be accomplished before we can put our feet up at home and relax.  Relax, what is that anyway?  As a society we wake up, rush to get ready for work, yank the kids out of bed and portage them to school and day care.  We rush to work, work like a demon all day.  Then hurry home, feeling stressed and impatient with traffic because we have deadlines to meet once we get home.  We throw supper together while worrying if it’s nutritional enough.  Everyone scrambles to eat and then gather whatever is needed for the next round.  Rush headlong into traffic again to take the kids to their one, two, or three activities, because we bought into the lie that they have to be kept busy.  All the while keeping a lid on the pressure boiling just under the radar of our stressed out life.  It’s no wonder we see people loosing their cool with anyone within a 3-foot radius because they didn’t meet our highest expectations.  They were too fast or too slow or there were no boxes or bags or they favored the other kid over ours.  Who can blame us for blowing our stack!  After all, they didn’t live up to what the commercial showed me was the perfect picture of normal.

I blame big corporations for blindsiding us, the consumer and the public into thinking we are entitled.  Entitled to have perfect flowing fast service no matter where we go.  Entitled to have the best for next to nothing.  Entitled to live a life completely problem free.  We see it in commercials, T.V. shows, in magazines, newspapers, and on the Internet.  We are always marketed to, even and especially when we don’t realize it.  Slowly over the last 50 years or so we have been brainwashed to behave badly as customers and consumers.  So much so that “Abuse will not be tolerated” signs have popped up all over.

But don’t get on your high horse yet, because I also blame us, the regular people trying to find our way through life.  We have made choices in life to buy into the commercialism that has been spoon fed to us over the last half century.  We forgot to set limits, on our spending, on how many activities the kids are in, on how busy we let our lives get.  As a result we have become a highly stressed society ready to blow up at the next person that doesn’t meet our idea of acceptable perfection.  And the more people we see loosing it in public, the more we think its o.k. to do ourselves.

Well it’s not o.k.  We need to stop the insanity!  Stop buying into what media of any kind shows us is the norm and start thinking for ourselves.  What is normal is what makes us feel good in our life.  Being too busy isn’t a quality life.  We need to set boundaries and standards of behavior once again.  Lets get back to basics and start with the Golden Rule: Treat others, as you would like to be treated.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.


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