Awareness and Your Health

When I was a Nurse I found it interesting how many people are completely unaware of their body until it breaks down.  Then they are only aware of the problem and have no clue what lead to the problem.

Often when we have health issues we think running to the Doctor will help us.  Sometimes the Doctor can help find the cause of the problem and cure it, more often than not they offer us prescriptions to help alleviate the symptoms but not the cause.

What is awareness?  Knowing how each individual part of your body feels at any given moment.  How it feels normally.  How it feels when you eat something, or are in a certain environment, or when you use certain products, or have certain emotions.  Awareness includes how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually at any given moment.

A patient once told me soon after he received hearing aides for both ears he began to feel dizzy and nauseated.  The dizziness and nausea progressed so much that he could hardly continue with his regular activities.  He mentioned the problem to his hearing specialist at their follow up appointment.  The specialist had never heard of this problem related to hearing aides and was sure that there was no connection between the dizziness, nausea and the new hearing aides.  The patient came away from the meeting determined to figure out this mystery. He took both hearing aides out for several days.  The dizziness and nausea went completely away.  Then he wore one hearing aide at a time.  He discovered that when he wore the hearing aide in his right ear he became dizzy and nauseated.  When he wore the hearing aide in his left ear he was fine. In the end he chose to have one hearing aide instead of two, and wore it in his left ear.  This is a simple case of being aware of your own body and doing the detective work to find what works and what doesn’t work in spite of what the professional says.

I learned very quickly as a student nurse that medical science doesn’t know everything.  In fact medical science is still discovering the vast intricacies of our body and interactions with the environment.  Each person is different and unique,  yet medical science groups us all together and treats us the same.  What is normal for me may be very abnormal for you.

I noticed that patients with awareness were able to solve their own health problems much quicker than being passive and totally relying on the physician for answers.  I’m not saying if you are aware of your body that you will never have problems, or if you do they will be solved quickly.  I am saying your chances are greater to obtain your optimum balance in health by being self aware than if you left it up to the physicians alone.  Some physicians welcome patients that are self aware as it makes their job so much easier.  It is your body, your life, your habits, and you know you best.

To be aware takes some energy and effort in the beginning.  It means paying attention and when you notice you aren’t paying attention, bring your attention back without recrimination.  Soon you will be in the habit of paying attention to what causes each symptom you have, and then you can work at eliminating them.

Where to start

Ask yourself when the problem started.

What brought it on?

Use a diary to keep track of the symptoms and what you were doing when the symptoms started.

Ask any question you can think of, especially the one that seems the most bizarre, don’t discount anything as a possible suspect.

Ask yourself what did you eat last?

What was the stress level at the time?

Who was around you?

Were you in a certain environment?

Was there electrical interference?

Were there animals in the environment?

Absolutely everything should be considered as a possibility when eliminating factors contributing to symptoms of unbalanced health.

Don’t give up!  Move on to the next professional if you don’t feel heard or if they don’t know how to help you.

Once you know what is causing the problem, ask for the solution that is right for you to come into your awareness.

With trial and error, you will figure out the mystery.  Once the mystery is solved the question is what are you willing to do about it?  How many people do you know are aware of what causes their unbalanced health and continue to live as if there were no issues?  Maybe you are one of those people.  In truth, we all do this to some extent.  Everyone has a level of unbalance they will tolerate in their lives.  Through awareness and the desire to feel better hopefully we will tolerate less of that unbalance and gain more balance in our health and wellness.


Meditation to increase awareness of your body;

In a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed, sit or lay in a comfortable position. Take a few slow deep cleansing breaths.  Bring your awareness inside your body.  Move your focus to your big toe on your right foot.  Really feel the big toe on your right foot.  Without judgment see in your mind what it looks like.  What does it look like and feel like on the outside, top and bottom, and what does it look like and feel like on the inside?  Move your awareness to the toe next to it. Repeat the same for each toe on both feet, one at a time.  Take your time.  In the beginning it is perfectly normal if you fall asleep.  Continue the exercise when you awaken.  Move your awareness down the foot, go inside and feel what each individual muscle feels like.  Move up the legs doing one at a time.  As you move up the body remember to include the organs and large muscle groups and the skin.  Get to know your body inside and out, all of the tiny parts and the large parts, leave no part unexplored.  Know what every part feels like in every situation in your life.  Some parts tense up in certain situations.  Some parts have good feelings in other situations.

Our bodies talk to us constantly.   Over time and with practice, your awareness will deepen and your over all balance in life will dramatically improve. The gift of awareness is increased health and well being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


  1. Thanks Shannon, the questions are really good. Wouldn’t have thought of them myself. You are right on about healing more quickly when a person is aware of their body and listen to what it needs.


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