Live in Your Own Bubble

hand-catching-a-soap-bubble  When we learn to focus on our own journey and not worry about others we are naturally balanced and happier.  This is easy to do when we are hermits or live away from the people we really care about.  It’s especially difficult when we engage with our family members, co-workers, clients, and even more difficult when we have children.

We want our loved ones to be safe, healthy and happy.  Sometimes we stick our nose in their business because we mean well, giving our two cents worth because we know best.  It is especially difficult to see them suffer in any way.  We want our children and others we care about to avoid the pain we have endured on our journey so we ‘help’.

I believe we all have pre-birth contracts and soul plans.  Our main duty in life is to teach each other lessons for our soul’s evolution, simply by being our selves and living our lives.  Each of us is a piece of the puzzle.  Our job is to encourage and remind one another the gifts we see in them.  When we see someone doing something that bothers or annoys us – it is a lesson for us, not them.  Each person is a mirror reflecting back what we need to learn.

In the ideal world I practice being grounded in my own bubble.  I nurture and love myself and give myself what I really need moment-to-moment.  I realize anything outside my bubble is none of my business.  My job is simply love the people I interact with, have an open heart and accept them for where they are on their journey.  When I feel the need to control them in any way I must pull back, nurture myself and ask what is my lesson in this situation.  In the ideal world I do all of this.  In reality I am a work in progress.  Some days are better than others.

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