Feeling Alone on Your Journey

Feeling Alone on Your Journey bigstock-human-footprints-in-a-snow-cov-20216255

Often when I step into more of who I really am, I feel alone, like I am plowing through deep snow on a path I can’t see.  Many of us feel this way.  Only by speaking honestly with one another will we begin to see we are not alone, that we are all walking the same path in our own way.  When we start to speak about our journey to others sometimes they say to us ‘what are you talking about?  I don’t feel this way and you shouldn’t either.’  Give them time, sometimes they have buried the truth so deep even they can’t get at it.  As you speak of your journey to others more often, you will gather around you people who will speak to you of their journey, and so the sharing grows.  It takes courage and determination, a determination not to stop just because someone you care about gives you a look like you just spoke a language they don’t recognize.  And you probably just did.  Give them time, and your love.  The more you speak of and share your personal journey with others, the more you give them courage to do the same eventually.  Also the easier it gets for you.

If you plow ahead on your journey feeling alone, feeling unloved or unappreciated, others are unable to send their love and support to you because you are closed off.  As you share your feelings and experiences of your journey with others you are open to receiving the love and experiences of others.  Thus not feeling so alone anymore.


  1. I had this sudden thought. Saw your footprints in the snow, and even though your journey brings a concious feeling of being alone, I stepped into each impression you left. Micro shields warding off the beautiful yet bitter cold, I’m not alone, others before me I can see, they did the same. Even some animals seem to have come along. For me, it’s a reminder, to see the serene simplicity of literally (well somewhat) walking in another’s shoe’s, or path. That path, continued on in the vast distance, me, I was just going to the store.

    Thanks for providing your words of wisdom and insight on this page. 🤗 Nameste


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