Communication is everything

Two-headsTry going one day without communicating while living your normal day. Our entire life revolves around communication in some way. 90% of our communication is unspoken in the form of body language. However, in these modern times we tend to communicate mostly through technology. Often we aren’t in the same room with the person we are communicating with therefore 90% of our clues are missing. Over time one would think this means we would be more specific with our language while communicating through technology however the opposite may be true.
As we are bombarded with texts, tweets, emails, and occasionally an old – fashioned phone call, we become overwhelmed with the information thrown at us. We rush through our messages, skim or delete, give a quick reply and move on to the next task. Many messages aren’t replied to and are left in the inbox for a later date when we aren’t so busy, only to be forgotten and never given another thought.
Like our cousin the couch potato, we have become text and tweet taters, mindless message machines going through our in boxes skimming, scanning and deleting, while multitasking. Often we have become devoid of thought or care about the person that sent the message, or the one receiving the message. We are anonymous behind our phone or computer safely sending and receiving messages with no real consideration of impact to each other.
How many emails have been replied to inappropriately because the message was rushed through and the meaning missed? How many emails aren’t responded to at all? These days in our society this isn’t even considered rude. It has become expected, the norm.
The problem with accepting this practice is it erodes relationships, opportunities are lost, feelings are hurt, misunderstandings take place and all of this takes time to repair, to rectify.
It takes a conscious decision to slow down. Here are some tips on staying on top of communication. Read the messages thoroughly from beginning to end while focusing only on the content of that message, and resist multitasking. Make it a habit to be aware of newsletters and other automatic mail that come to your mailbox, be ruthless about keeping only the ones that are special and feed your soul. Remove yourself from the ones that don’t. Keep your inbox tidy by responding promptly to your messages then delete or file them. With the exception of jokes and philosophical messages, respond to your messages, even if it is brief. This is a good start to better communication.
Taking the time to communicate properly saves time in the long run. Careful communication saves and even enhances relationships, and opportunities are savored.

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